Past Events

I’ve led over 50 trainings and workshops in the last four years.  In addition to leading Relational Alchemy events about once per month 2011-14, here is a partial list of other workshops and programs that I have led and co-led, including full-day workshops and workshops at Burning Man:

July 2016: Nonlinear Time Management workshop (San Francisco, CA)

June 2016: Fearless Relating Panel (Emeryville, CA)

March 2016: Loving the Plateau (Teleclass)

February 2016: How to Train Your Robot (Teleclass)

December 2015: Unlimiting Success (Teleclass)

November 2015: The Leading Edge (Teleclass)

August 2015: Build and Jump: Following Your Passion (Teleclass)

July 2015: The Butterfly Point (Teleclass)

Jun-Aug 2015: Integrity in Action Program

Mar 2015: The Birth of Responsibility (Teleclass)

Feb 2015: The Myth of Purpose (Teleclass)

June-Aug 2014: Relational Alchemy Leadership Training Program

June 2014: One-Minute Meditation (June)

May 2014: One-Minute Meditation

Nov 2013: Authentic Dating: Dating without an Agenda

Oct 2013: Making Profound Decisions

Burning Man 2013:
Shame, Pride and Play
Instruction Manual
Being with Attraction
Radical Respect
Identity Alchemy

April 2013: Grokking: Creating Intimacy with Questions

Feb 2013: Love and Respect

Burning Man 2012:
Relational Alchemy
Shame, Pride and Play
Identity Alchemy

Burning Man 2011:
Authentic Relating Games

Feb 2010: Slow Dating