Leadership Seminars

Leadership training isn’t just for executives and managers; it’s for everyone. These seminars help create a culture of leadership throughout your company or team:

  • The Leadership Choice: Understanding and simplifying the choice to take extreme ownership over everything in your experience. Learn to embrace challenges and take creative action.
  • Creative Collaboration: Creating clarity, trust, efficiency and connection by creating a culture based on clear requests and agreements.
  • The Power of Listening: Listening creates leaders. It solves problems. It resolves conflict. It generates new ideas. Instill your culture with the practice of generative listening.
  • Gentle Discipline: Creating momentum and quantum leaps in results by thinking small, taking consistent action, and optimizing for energy instead of time.
  • Radical Candor: Telling people what to do doesn’t work. Create effective communication within your team through a combination of both caring personally and challenging directly.
  • Embracing Constraints: The obstacle is the way. Use the challenges you’re facing to uncover competing priorities, evolve your systems, and create new opportunities.
  • Decision Mastery: The art of making powerful decisions by replacing perfectionism and doubt with right timing, creative intuition, and extreme ownership.
  • Tribal Leadership: Creating cultural unity and identity through shared values, creativity, and optimism.