I speak, lead workshops, and group trainings on a variety of advanced topics, for conferences, groups of entrepreneur, and business teams.

Topics include:

  • Fixing vs Creating
    “You can’t change anything by fighting or resisting it. You change something by making it obsolete through superior methods.” – R. Buckminster Fuller
  • The Enlightenment Advantage
    When you are most obsessed with solving a problem is when you are the least capable of doing so. A model for raising your awareness and tapping into transrational creativity, becoming a Creator rather than a Victim.
  • Grace Under Pressure
    Stress isn’t what you think it is…
  • Awakening Your Genius
    Learn to tap into not-knowing, creativity, and to follow your Inner GPS.
  • The Leading Edge
    The evolved leader knows that they are not in control. They don’t know what to do, so they take action to find out what works. They have an inner stance of playfulness and confidence, because they have created responsibility for their lives. And they know how to find and lean into the Edge.
  • The Butterfly Point
    When we push the universe (or our clients, or coworkers, or loved ones), it pushes back. But if we do nothing, no matter how much wishing and ‘manifesting’ we do, nothing happens. So how does anything happen? And why do some things seem perpetually out of our reach, and no matter what we do or don’t do it falls flat?
  • Unlimiting Success
    You already know that you have great potential. That you have just as many hours in the day as Leonardo da Vinci. Maybe you’ve already achieved great things, and other people are impressed, or maybe you’re struggling to figure out what you want. But you know, deep down, that there is always more. That there are no limits.

I’ve created quite a diverse body of teachings. Here are some more topics I’ve taught in the past.

Ready to inspire your people?

Michael is a true gem - as a speaker, as a human, as a friend. He has an obvious and almost mischievous awareness of the present moment. It almost feels like he's cutting through your bullshit just by looking at you. His ability as a speaker must come from this unrivaled ability to listen and you can tell that when he speaks, it's all coming straight from the heart, or something even deeper if it exists. I produce events and I meet new speakers all the time, so I know when I'm the in the presence of any of the varieties of shallowness that exist in the world, and Michael is literally the type of person who I get introduced to and then go "ugh, god, how amazing can this guy even be?" when he leaves. Like literally. Whenever he has spoken at my event, people leave his workshops and talks freaking out, and all I can say is "yeah, duh, of course."

Jeff Bausemer, East Meets West

Michael is an engaging, authentic, and thought-provoking speaker. I’ve heard him speak masterfully on several topics ranging from time management and motivation to energy healing and enlightenment. He has a gift for making the complex world of transformation readily accessible to his audience. I always leave Michael’s talks with more than one “aha moment”.

David Gunning, Agent Vetter