Leadership Coaching

My clients have big hearts and a personal desire not just to succeed but to make the world a radically better place. I coach CEOs, executives, serial entrepreneurs, and transformational leaders. I am the coach that coaches the guru. (And I insist on being coached by great coaches myself, too.)

High-level leaders have the same issues that everyone else has, but with higher levels of celebrity, authority, and activity there are some themes that often rise to the top:

  • Overwhelm: With so many responsibilities, decisions, people, and projects competing for your precious time and energy, cultivating simplicity and grace under pressure is vital. This includes gentle discipline, ruthless simplicity, and reframing the myth of ‘work-life balance’.
  • Culture: If you and those you lead aren’t having fun, something is wrong. Instead of feeding egos and comfort-seeking, what actually inspires loyalty and group flow is the creation of meaning and belonging.
  • Difficult People: At the top you often end up dealing with a broader spectrum of personalities. These people aren’t just problems to be solved; they are your teachers and through inner work you will usually find that they will help you unlock new potential within yourself.
  • Hollow: Success without the grounding of purpose, presence, and play can lead to existential angst. It’s a common myth that money and fame will make us happy, but it actually just magnifies how we already feel.
  • Isolation: It can be lonely at the top. People project onto you, instead of seeing you. You probably willingly put on a persona for others, too. There are fewer people around you who feel like peers. Just like everyone else, you have a need to be profoundly and vulnerably seen. You have both a desire and a fear to be completely authentic. The good news is that the more you heal, the cleaner and more constructive your authenticity becomes.

Leadership is an inside job. My focus is less on what you are doing and more on who you are being: your strategy and actions are a symptom of your mindset and identity. You’re doing the best you can, given your thinking in the moment, and my role is to help you expand your horizons of how you think and how you define yourself.

I’m a trusted advisor. I’m like Merlin, and you’re King Arthur. My job is to understand and empathize with your reality, but not to get lost in it. My job is to help you see a bigger picture, access your inner wisdom, and take decisive action.

My work is personal. I coach CEOs on relationship, sexuality, and spiritual issues. I zoom in on their judgments of people in their life. I help them develop a kick-ass morning routine. I uncover patterns of people-pleasing and trying to defend themselves against an unfriendly world, helping them engage life in incremental more happy and fulfilling ways. Personal and business success is often a happy byproduct of this work.

For example: I once coached a 7-figure coach who had hit a plateau in their business on their limiting beliefs around money, which led to them tearing up, healing some childhood programming, and helping them stand solid in playing a bigger game. We didn’t need to discuss numbers or strategy; the only thing standing in his way of greater levels of success was himself.

If you’d like to know what’s possible for you, let’s talk.

“Everyone needs a coach.” – Bill Gates, and Eric Schmidt
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