What is Integrity?

By integrity I mean being in alignment with all aspects of your life: from health to financial stability to supportive relationships and emotional freedom to developing a strong sense of purpose and flow, to pursuing your dreams and living a life that inspires you and everyone around you.  When you are in integrity, your life and your choices are creative and value-centric, rather than merely reacting to moods and circumstances.

True integrity is authenticity in action.  There is no cookie-cutter mold for how you should behave and how you interact with the world.  (It’s possible that settling in front of the TV with a bottle of beer every night is when you feel most fulfilled, alive, and in alignment with the world…  But I doubt it!)  When you make an impact on the world which is authentic, it is an impact that is inseparably you.

Another part of my philosophy is deep democracy: that every part of you deserves a voice.  Your ‘higher selves’, your ‘critic’, your ‘shadows’, your ‘nice guy/girl’, your ‘pragmatist’, your ‘adventurer’.  That part of you that you’re afraid to give even an inch to.  All of those parts of you deserve a voice, and have a need to be (safely) expressed.

Another meaning of integrity for me is that it refers to Integral theory, which is one of the guiding lights for how I work with people and how I look at the world.  From an Integral point of view, every point of view is true.  And: some points of view are more inclusive of other points of view (i.e. more integral) and those points of view tend to be more useful and harmonious.

The irony of being an ‘Integrity Coach’ is that the people who really want to work with me, and the people whom I really want to work with, already have a great deal of integrity! I.e. they have a strong enough intention to be in integrity to ask for support.