Overcoming Procrastination

A comprehensive 8-week training program on making the shift from procrastination to bold, meaningful action.

I’ve been gathering the raw materials for this ambitious program for over a year!  I have composed a comprehensive picture of the different forces that contribute to ‘procrastination’, best practices for embracing and redirecting those forces, and a framework in which each step builds upon the last so that your procrastination can be transformed into radical momentum by the end of the program.

Procrastination is an exciting topic for me. It’s a sweet spot where multiple things have gone wrong: fear, shame, exhaustion, confusion, etc. And yet the frustration that arises around procrastination is a sign of something big, something important…

When you tackle procrastination, you are taking on a practice of courage: you are practicing taking action in the face of paralyzing fear. The training that this program provides isn’t merely aimed at making you go from unproductive to productive; the aim is to give you the courage to pursue everything that you truly want, to pursue your dreams.