Connecting With Truth – Spiritual Intelligence Podcast

“Don’t take metaphors literally…never forget that it’s a finger pointing at something that is dynamic and infinite and indescribable, and not really separate, even though it also seems separate at the same time. So, allow there to be wonder, even with the most seemingly mundane things and you’ll have a more honest experience of reality.”

Here’s an interview I did on the Spiritual Intelligence Podcast with Daniel Martinez Stahl:

  • The intelligence on the other side of personal thinking that helps you to experience miracles and magic
  • The similarities and differences between energy healing work and the Three Principles
  • The inflection point or shift that occurs when “healing” happens, regardless of the approach being used
  • Redefining spirituality and a reminder that the totality of Spirit is both formless and form
  • An invitation to allow wonder of the seemingly mundane, in order to have a “more honest experience of reality.”