photo of Michael McDonald

I am a transformational coach, writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, and the creator of Relational Alchemy.

In my one-on-one coaching, I help ‘Quiet Giant‘ entrepreneurs and executives find and courageously pursue their true work in the world in a way that feels authentic and in integrity.

My coaching has expanded and explored many different themes and areas over the years, including but not limited to:

Purpose: Finding your truth, overcoming procrastination, connecting with your authentic sense of purpose, developing discipline and willpower, post-Landmark work, integrating your work with spirituality, and doing more with less.

Business: Conscious values-based business, wealth mindset, culture, lean business creation and development, sales and negotiation, non-linear time management

Relating and Community: Relational Alchemy, facilitator training, circling, creating depth and intimacy, group facilitation, coaching training, conscious leadership, designing group experiences, compassion fatigue, supporting and bringing new perspectives to coaches and counselors

Love, Sexuality, and Shame: Healing shame, men’s work, embracing sexuality and sacred sexuality, recovering ‘nice girls’ and ‘nice guys’, and post-David Deida integration work.

Enlightenment: Exploring higher levels of awareness, reorganizing mindsets and identity, for fun and profit.

Are you ready for your life to change?

One of the things that really sets Michael apart is his capacity to be completely non-judgemental and unattached to the clients' story, while holding a caring and compassionate space in which the client can open, shift, heal, unravel, and gain insight. It's truly amazing and I've experienced this many times myself. This is truly developmental coaching!

Another gift Michael brings to his clients is his love of "the space of not knowing". He rests in this space, even while skillfully asking just the right questions when it's time. His resting in this space serves as in invitation for the other to template, as well.

His empathy and perspective are complemented by the genuine levity that shows up in his presence, which in my experience, helps me to be more gentle with myself and less attached to whatever shows up.

Lastly, his curiosity is engaging. I often walk away from our visits feeling energized by this curiosity and his fascination with both "what wants to happen" and "what's possible".

Elizabeth Kennedy, Conscious Communion