Wisdom Immersion

Beginning in 2022 I’ve updated my coaching programs to start with a 2-day Wisdom Immersion – in-person with me in Oakland, California – where we go deep into shifting your foundations for how you see and engage with life. This Immersion creates a deep foundation for the rest of our work together.

If you’ve experienced a coaching session with me or attended any of my Insight Salons you might have an idea of the understanding that I’m coming from. And the Immersion isn’t about concepts – it’s about transformation. There’s no curriculum: the purpose isn’t to teach anything, but to create an experience where you get to see something so deeply for yourself that your life will never be the same.

Here are some reflections from clients on their Immersion:

The weekend itself was simple, filled with laughter and an indescribable transformation occurred. 

Nothing has changed and everything is different. 

I’ve seen and felt something that I cannot accurately describe. I’m way more connected to Wisdom and Well-being. I see more of who I really am. Things are just way more clear. I see and feel The Way, and it’s pretty obvious now; and I see and feel what Not The Way is. All these words sound simple, perhaps trite, and so be it. 

I’m a significantly better partner, coach, and man that I was before the Immersion. I’m experiencing all of life to be more simple, easy, fun, light, potent and miraculous. Michael helped me get, in an embodied sense, that this is my natural state. It’s just here now. It’s obvious. 

And when I’m caught up (not in that natural state), I’m catching so quickly how I’m creating that, which is allowing me to gently return back.

This past weekend, I let a part of myself die. The one who was looking for something outside of him to complete him.

I let a new part of me be born. The one who is Sovereign, who chooses and creates, who knows his worth and his Majesty.

It’s about 2 months post Wisdom Immersion.

The weekend itself was simple, filled with laughter, and a potent, challenging to describe with words transformation occurred. 

Something beyond concepts clicked for me. I saw, felt and experienced something – you might call it wisdom, innate well-being, the Tao. Whatever that ‘it’ is, it’s more clear now and it’s been continuing to deepen in clarity, nuance and simplicity.

There is a growing experience of life being more simple, easy, fun, light, potent and miraculous. 

Michael helped me get, in an embodied sense, with this experience and to Know it as my natural state. It’s just here now. It’s obvious now, in a way that it wasn’t before. 

There’s a simplicity, elegance and beauty that I’m in touch with now – again, in a real embodied sense that I feel and experience. And there is more clarity and awareness of when I’m not connected with that feeling, that way of being. That’s part of the simplicity of it. It’s like there’s a feeling of the Tao and a feeling of the Not-Tao. 

Since the Immersion, that feeling, that awareness continues to clarify, which literally makes everything easier, better. In a very practical sense, that also means I’m experiencing *way* less stress, resistance, and friction. 

In 10+ years of transformational work, this was hands down the peak experience. I feel grateful for this experience, and for being in a longer container with Michael, which continues to deepen the integration of this and more.