How to Refer Me

My absolute favorite way to meet potential clients is via referrals. There’s already some context and intimacy built into the relationship, and working with referrals is an opportunity for my friends and clients to help each other out, through me–everyone benefits!

If you are already a fan of my work, here are some ways that you can help me keep giving my gifts:

  • If you haven’t worked with me 1-on-1 yet, arrange a breakthrough session with me (unpaid.)
  • Think about specific ways that I’ve supported you, and issues and situations that we addressed. Do you know anyone else working on those same issues right now?
  • Invite friends to my workshops. Bring a friend or two with you if you’re coming yourself, and/or give the workshop a “this looks cool” / “Michael’s workshops are awesome” shout-out on your Facebook feed or relevant groups.
  • If you are a coach/counselor/professional with a well-defined niche, let me know! We can refer people to each other.
  • Keep an eye out for my ideal quiet giants clients and the specific things to look for below. “Do you know Michael McDonald? He works with people like you in this exact kind of situation.”
  • Ask me if you think someone might be a good match. If not, maybe I can refer them to someone else or point them towards some resources.
  • When you refer someone to me, don’t just give them my info (probably nothing will happen) or give me their info (I don’t cold call): introduce us in person or in an email.
  • Email a testimonial to me. A good general testimonial is how you would describe my coaching to a friend who is considering a coaching session with me. A good specific testimonial talks about a specific issue you were facing, what it was like working with me on that issue, and how your life was impacted.
  • If you’re really inspired in the moment, you could create a video testimonial for me.
  • Post your testimonial on my Yelp page.

Some specific things to look for

  • Someone who has a big vision, but is tentative about pursuing it.
  • A talented professional who you think should be more successful. You want to seem them doing bigger things, and bringing their gifts to more people.
  • An entrepreneur who has achieved some success, but is losing their steam and not sure what they want next.
  • A coach who does not have their own coach yet.
  • Someone struggling to make a major life decision.
  • A coach who wants to start leading their own workshops.
  • Someone balancing multiple life priorities: e.g. both parent and entrepreneur, both employee and coach, safety and passion

Referrals with Integrity

When shared with truth and authentic enthusiasm, referrals are a great way for people to support each other. I’m also well aware that there are some slimy approaches to referral marketing. I’ve been around those folks before, and I could feel it eating away at my soul. I don’t do that, and it’s hard for me to associate with anyone who does.

I’ve got a couple ground rules when it comes to referrals:

  • Tell it like it is.
  • No keeping score. With a good referral, everyone wins.
  • If you refer someone to me for a coaching session, I will keep you in the loop and let you know how it goes.
  • If I refer someone to you, I expect the same.