The Myth of Purpose

The Myth of Purpose

“What is your true purpose in this world?”

The myth of purpose is that you will someday be able to answer that question with an eloquent 10-second sound bite, your Statement of Purpose that will finally provide you clarity, ease, and passion for the rest of your life. And if you *just think hard enough* to figure out what you’re *really* supposed to be doing, then you’ll discover what that purpose is…

That is the myth. It is a struggle that leads people away from purpose, not towards it. It leads people towards waiting, and confusion, and attachment. And it creates a life pattern in which even if you ‘succeed’, you are still unsatisfied.

So what, then, is ‘purpose’? What is it that we are really seeking?

In this interactive, powerful, and insightful program, you will learn:

  • How to stop looking for your purpose, in order to start living with purpose.
  • To exercise and develop your purpose like a muscle.
  • Simple, transrational actions you can take right away to bring yourself more into integrity, and more in alignment with your true work in the world.

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[testimonial]Michael, as usual, your course and the discussion amazed, inspired and moved me in ways that brought clarity, drive and focus; and I express this on purpose to playfully tease you into blushing with purpose. I think it likely speaks for everyone who was on the call when I say we appreciate and value you and all the knowledge you imparted to each of us tonight![/testimonial]

[testimonial]I really appreciate the overall message that we are “on-purpose” just by being committed to every action we take. The myth of finding the grand purpose can only make us stuck and feel bad about our lives if we didn’t find it. i know I felt that way for a while[/testimonial]

[testimonial]Your pace was perfect.  It felt authentic (rather than scripted), it allowed us to digest what you were saying as you were saying them, and I got to write down notes that really meant something to me, to help propel me into action.  You sounded like you were in total command of your material as well as allowing our experience.  I loved how we could interact with one another!  It felt real, connecting, and fun.[/testimonial]

[testimonial]Your last one was A+. Have been meaning to write you about it!! Just spoke with a friend tonight and shared some of it… Your homework questions were great, even though I have not had any answers:) I sometimes feel the questions are the most important thing, and sometimes it’s about letting the answers live themselves out, unfolding as they will[/testimonial]

[testimonial]Beautiful work, Michael. I particularly loved the on-point demonstration of your coaching skills. That helped me feel what you are talking about. Being … in integrity … on purpose. Right and uncomfortable. Still sinking in.[/testimonial]