Seasons of Surrender, Authenticity & a Mighty Purpose – Wildspire

Here’s a deep-dive into the spiritual interview that I did with Stephanie Benedetto Padovani, covering everything from being used for a mighty purpose, simplicity and authenticity, and resting in no as a default:

  • Putting things on the “God shelf”
  •  What it means to “be used for a mighty purpose
  •  How to escape from the downward spiral of seriousness and overthinking
  •  Life without coping strategies as a good thing
  •  Why having routines and showing up in the moment don’t contradict each other
  •  The surprising path to authentic self-expression and being more attractive to others
  •  The benefits of having NO as your default response
  •  Dealing with social anxiety and self-consciousness
  •  How to get over feeling not okay (sadness, anxiety, angry)