Integrity in Action Coaching Group (Jan-Apr 2019)

What do you want to create?

  • Do you have a dream that’s been gathering dust because it just never seems to be the right time, or you’re waiting to feel more stable, or you don’t have the right resources gathered yet?
  • Are you sick of waiting, and ready to make a real change to your life, from the inside-out?
  • Are you ready to start something awesome, and commit to taking (imperfect) action right now?
  • Is what you’re doing good, but you want it to be great?

I’m gathering a small number (6) of committed professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to step up their game in 2019.

Think of a project or an area of your life you’d like to focus on and make a big leap forward with. Where are you likely to be in that project by April 2019? Now, where do you want to be in that project by April? What would be awesome? That’s what we’ll be working on together.

This is an intimate coaching group, including:

  • Peer accountability and support in between calls.
  • A little bit of teaching and curriculum, not enough to distract you but enough to support you in staying in creative action.
  • Personal attention. The primary vehicle of your transformation will be in me coaching you within the group calls.

My approach is to bring a little bit of concept and a lot of personal attention, with a bias towards action.


Getting Real: The grounded mindset that spirals you upward instead of downward.

Creating the Future: Being guided by possibility instead of the past.

Samurai Focus: Eliminating distractions and focusing on energy and momentum instead of time.

Turning Pro: Dedicating time, attention, and a practicing mindset to guarantee success over time.

Competing Priorities: Finding the sources of procrastination and replacing analysis with experimentation

Make it a Game: Make it fun, visible, challenging, and winnable.

Follow Your Genius: Great insights come not from trying harder but from gaining altitude.

Gentle Discipline: Your toolchest for making continuous progress when you don’t feel like it and nothing seems to be working.

Untapped Resources: Boldly, humbly, and generously engaging your network’s resources.

Every group is different, so don’t be surprised if the curriculum and format of the calls morph into something else. My goal isn’t to just give you concepts; my goal is to make a radical difference in your life.


Commit at least 10 hours per week on your project.

Committed to taking action, even when you don’t feel like it.

Attend all live coaching calls.


90 days, January – April 2019

9 Zoom group coaching calls (every 1-2 weeks)

Peer accountability and support

Extra credit, games, and surprises

$1200 investment

Early December signups get special access to coaching with me

The Next Step

If you want in or if you’re just curious and want to know more, e-mail me at

If you aren’t sure what your project is yet (e.g. too many ideas to choose from, or translating something less tangible into a ‘project’) I can help you with that on the phone.