Casanova Circle

The Casanova Circle is a men’s circle and coaching group, facilitated by Michael McDonald (Authentic Integrity).  If you know of any men who want ongoing support around men’s issues, building brotherhood, and relating with women, point them here!

For men who love women

The Casanova Circle is an ongoing men’s circle for men who love women, who have a powerful but stuck desire to give, who are Casanovas at heart but not yet in the world. Whether what you want to give is sexuality, romance, power, companionship, sensitivity, vulnerability, or play these are all gifts that are not only welcomed but desperately needed by women. But these are gifts that can only be given and received when you are fully in alignment with yourself, your brothers, with women, and with the world.

A men’s circle

Casanova Circle is a men’s circle, a brotherhood of men who–no matter how different–have each others’ backs and are committed to each others’ greatness. The members of the Circle want the best for each other, and will hold each other to continuous progress.

This circle is intentionally more gentle than other men’s circles. You don’t have to jump in the ocean if you’re late and everyone will be honored for wherever they are at in their process. Both empathy and challenge are available in this circle, to help everyone keep exactly on their edge.

Group coaching and process

The circle is also a men’s coaching and counseling group, where I support men in a variety of processes, including:

  • burning through neediness,
  • embodiment,
  • getting right with attraction,
  • releasing sexual shame,
  • brotherhood with men,
  • getting clear about what they want,
  • self-love,
  • empathizing and relating with women,
  • harmonizing sex and love,
  • allying with women,
  • integrity and purpose

What happens in these circles?

  • brutally honest, candid conversations
  • individual attention, counseling and process work
  • exploring new models and ways of thinking
  • teaching skills and experiential practices
  • exploring what’s possible through inquiry, insights and stories
  • vulnerable sharing and support
  • fun and experimentation
  • accountability

These circles are a safe space for men to be vulnerable, messy, and unapologetic. There are many types of expression (e.g. sadness, anger, turn-on, ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions, physical touch and shaking and movement) that are repressed in our cultural, but that repression is fundamentally unhealthy for human beings! These modes of expression are actively encouraged in these circles, with absolute faith that underneath all that messiness is an ocean of power and love that wants to be expressed.

3 Tuesdays for $250 per Month

The proposed schedule is: Circles take place on Tuesday nights, 2 hours (minimum) per circle, 3 Tuesdays per month. That’s what works best for my schedule, and is subject to change if we get a critical mass of guys who are available on a different night.

Circle membership is $250/month–that’s about $40/hour, or $2880/year. In contrast, the Authentic Man Program weekend intensive (which I also highly recommend as a life-changing event) costs the same as 29 of these circles, or almost 10 months of Casanova Circle membership.


This is an ongoing group, rather than a fixed-duration program. Stay in for as long as it is a valuable resource for you.

There is a 2-month minimum commitment period. When we reach a number of people that feels right we will temporarily close the group to new members to keep the group tight and working on the same page. As people leave the group and new people want to join, there will be open periods to bring in new men.

The Next Step

If you’re interested in joining the Circle or have any questions send me an email at or call me at (415) 937-1026.

About me, Michael McDonald

I am a lover of women, their bodies and their emotions and their passions and their shadows.  I am a brother to men, their strength and their struggle and their loneliness.

I’m creating the Casanova Circle because it pains me to see both men and women suffering from loneliness. I want both men and women to be fulfilled, and to love and respect each other. I want to help men trust in their desires, and to clean up their integrity enough so that they can become true lovers of women. And I want to share everything that I’ve learned and experienced along my own paths with men who are facing similar issues.

I bring an astounding breadth of knowledge and experience to my work with men:

  • I’m a professionally trained actor, an integrity coach, workshop leader, entrepreneur, sex geek, and writer.
  • I understand both the power and limitations of a rational lifestyle on your relationships. (In addition to being an integrity coach, I still make a living as a software engineer.)
  • I have been the Course Supervisor for the Authentic Man Program for over 4 years, being witness to hundreds of men building brotherhood and working through their deepest issues.
  • I have integrated many kinds of work into my life, including pickup, David Deida, tantra, non-violent communication, energy work, martial arts, dance, shamanism, and Integral theory.
  • I am trained in a variety of counseling and therapy work including Authentic World circling, process work, somatics, trauma work, and group process.
  • I am also the founder of the Relational Alchemy community, teaching and spreading a way of connecting with each other, where magical moments spark life-changing interactions and allow relationships to emerge that change everything.send me an

If you’re interested in joining the Circle or have any questions send me an email at or call me at (415) 937-1026.