Business Coaching

There are two kinds of ‘business coach’, and I recommend that you get one of each.

  • One kind, the business consultant, coaches the business entity. They guide you through the numbers, strategy and tactics of your business. They are experts in business and ideally an expert in the domain of your business. They’ve probably owned and run a business similar to yours in the past. They are a teacher and a worker and know what they’re talking about.
  • The other kind, the leadership coach, coaches the person. This is the kind of coach that I am. I help you figure out why you and your employees aren’t doing what you ‘should’ do to succeed. I work with you on your mindset and mindfulness, your habits and routines, and how you relate with everyone, including and especially yourself. I work with you on your values, both individual and collective, and help you see how you create your business and the world around you–not by trying to control circumstances but by working from the inside-out. Leadership is an inside job.

I don’t need to know anything about your business, which is why I’ve successfully coached clients in industries as widespread as real estate, space, cryptocurrency, medicine, and cannabis.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 17, but my true expertise as a coach is in my mastery of the human spirit and psyche. I see the good in everyone, and I see the confusion that creates conflict within and between everyone. And I know what needs to happen for the system to heal itself and for integrity to emerge.

When you’re ready, let’s talk.