Pricing & Registration

There are two tiers of this program available, based on how much support you can handle, the Fundamental Tier and the Deep Dive Tier:

Note that these two ‘tiers’ are different than the levels of engagement. At the Fundamental Tier you can still select mild, medium or spicy.

Registration will be capped at 24 participants.

Payment Plans

There are two payment plans available (for the Fundament Tier):

A) $440/mo for 3 months

B) $240/mo for 6 months

When you sign up for the program using one of these plans we will arrange the subsequent monthly payments separately. And if you want to get more creative with creating a payment plan, email me directly at

If even $240/mo feels out of reach for you, don’t ask yourself “What would I need to do to make $240 more per month to cover this?” Ask yourself “Who would I need to become to make $2,400 more per month?”

If you want to skip the Eventbrite fee (and save me a lot more in processing fees) you can send a friends & family PayPal payment to me at


There’s no ‘right’ way to put a price on something like transformational work. The pricing that I’ve chosen for this program is quite simply the lowest price I feel comfortable charging while still attracting people who are in invested in doing the work and weeding out the spectators.

I want to install in you a high degree of commitment, investment, and excitement, so I ask that if you register for the program please imagine and behave as if you paid 2x to 10x as much.

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