Questions and Insights

When are the training calls?
The training calls take place about every other Tuesday, at noon Pacific time. (This gives the maximum flexibility for people calling in from various parts of the world.) Please schedule 2 hours of uninterrupted time for each of the training calls.
What if I can’t attend some, or any, of the training calls?The real value of this program comes from how you engage your life between the training calls, engaging each of the modules. The calls will of course be recorded. If you miss some or all of the calls, you’ll be missing out on one of the opportunities to connect with other participants in the program, so I encourage you to ramp up your interaction with your mastermind group and the Facebook group.

When will you do this again?Honestly, I might not. This is probably the only group program that I will be leading this year. Last year I led the Relational Alchemy Leadership Training program, and this year I’m leading Integrity in Action. My coaching career is evolving fast, so there’s no guarantee that there will be a second program of this kind. I might be offering something completely different next year.What if I don’t control my schedule?This belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You cannot both believe this and become the creator of your life. If you are in a highly demanding job, you must realize that you have chosen that job. If someone else is telling you what you should focus on, you must realize that you have chosen to follow them. If you truly believe this, do not join the program. If you see this as a story that no longer serves you, the program will help you create a new story.What if I don’t know what I really want to create yet?You don’t need to know that yet. We often don’t know what we want, or only think we know and are surprised by what comes up once we are in action. That’s what the “Aligning with Your Desires” module is for. And as you start creating more, and impacting the world, what you are wanting and what you are creating will continuously evolve.It is important, though, that you are connected with a desire to become a bad-ass and to positively impact the world. If your desires are limited to feeling less depressed, getting financially stable, and finding a relationship to support you so that you feel ok (and maybe then you can think about what you really want) this isn’t the program for you. This isn’t a race to mediocrity; this is a calling out of your infinite potential.What if what I want is not possible?Some ‘impossible’ goals really are impossible: they’ve been set up to be self-defeating by being too specific (e.g. landing on the moon tomorrow.) Other ‘impossible’ goals only seem impossible because there are too many unknowns and limiting beliefs between you and their realization (e.g. becoming a billionaire.) And behind every ‘impossible’ goal are deeper desires and values. This program isn’t about achieving specific goals. It is about engaging those deeper desires and values (and by doing so more and more of what used to be ‘impossible’ becomes possible.)How do I get one-on-one attention?If you want deep dive one-on-one coaching time with me, sign up for the Deep Dive Tier.What if I can’t afford it?The real question here is: independent of your ability to pay, do you think that it is worth it? If the answer is no, then don’t sign up. If you do think that it is worth it then you have the opportunity to get creative, to become the kind of person who can create the money first. If you want to explore this route e-mail me at if I’m focusing on another training?Sometimes it’s valuable to be focusing on one training, developing in one area. Sometimes it’s valuable to be immersed in multiple trainings, navigating the synergy and conflicts between them. Sometimes it’s valuable to not be training, and be actively creating. And sometimes it’s valuable to be in renewal. Which is right for you right now?Why is there such a short time window for registration?If you’ve watched some of the videos and perused this website, chances are that you already know whether you want to join the program or not. The rest of the time is spent worrying about your choice, so this helps you practice having a strong yes or strong no.

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