About Michael

How my friends and peers to describe me

I am an Integrity Coach, writer, speaker, workshop leader, and the creator of Relational Alchemy. I’ve led more than 40 workshops and group trainings in the last 4 years, as well as training other coaches to lead transformational experiences.

In my one-on-one Integrity Coaching, I help conscious ‘Quiet Giant‘ entrepreneurs find and courageously pursue their true work in the world in a way that feels authentic and in integrity.

My body of work so far has included facilitating transformation in these areas:

Purpose: Finding your truth, overcoming procrastination, connecting with your authentic sense of purpose, developing discipline and willpower, integrating your work with spirituality, and doing more with less.

Relating and Community: Relational Alchemy, Relational Alchemy Leadership Training, circling, creating depth and intimacy, group facilitation, coaching training, conscious leadership, designing group experiences, compassion fatigue, supporting and bringing new perspectives to coaches and counselors

Love, Sexuality, and Shame: Healing shame, men’s work, embracing sexuality and sacred sexuality, recovering ‘nice girls’ and ‘nice guys’, and post-David Deida integration work.