What This Program is Not

This program is not about ‘succeeding at everything you do.’
In fact you will probably fail more, because you will be trying more things, and that is what leads to greater success.
This program is not about cleaning up your life.
Many of you are probably familiar with the concept of ‘house-cleaning’, of getting everything in your life in order and strengthening your foundations so that it becomes easier to take the next step. I’m a huge fan of house-cleaning, but this is a different approach. This program is about getting and staying in motion, about finding integrity and inspiration when your life is messy, not waiting before beginning. This program is actually a good precursor to house-cleaning.
This program is not an intensive.
Whether you are busy juggling a lot of responsibilities and projects, or you have a lot of free time and resources on your hands but can’t seem to gain momentum in a direction that inspires you, chance are that you are already overwhelmed. Rather than diving in deeper (like I would in a weekend intensive) this program is designed to bring you levity, clarity and inspiration. You’ll feel less stress, and more motivated to take action, learning throughout the experience.
This program is not about theory.
Yes, I have a lot of ideas and I pride myself on blowing a lot of peoples’ minds. And yes, the training calls will cover some of the most useful, paradoxical, and inspiring distinctions that I have uncovered. But this program is about practice, not theory. The intention of this program is to help you get into inspired action. The training calls are intended to inspire you into action. The insights you have are intended to inspire you into action. Your mastermind group is there to inspire you into action. The program practices and exercises are designed to inspire you into action. The ongoing reminders and tips and nuggets of insights throughout the whole program are designed to inspire you into action.
This program is not about seeking comfort.
Most people are just trying to get to a place where they feel stable. They want safety, financial security. They want a relationship, because they feel incomplete without one. They want a better house, better health, and an early retirement. They just want to be comfortable. They want the freedom to do anything… but don’t know what they would do with that freedom.
This program is not for those people. This program is for the people who only feel comfortable when they are growing, learning, trying new things. Maybe you’re wildly successful. Maybe you’re desperate and struggling. Your circumstances don’t matter, as long as you have the heart of a creator, an entrepreneur, an artist. Comfort is not enough. You realize at some level that you already have complete freedom, and you want to relish every moment of life.
This program is not about extreme action.
Extreme action such as quitting your job, starting a new business, going broke, betting it all on one chance are often romanticized, creating a mixture of wonder and fear. This program is definitely about dreaming big, facing your fears, and radical experimentation. And, this program is also about taking small steps, deliberate experiments and minimizing risk, not extreme action. The massive shifts that you will be making are internal shifts, which lead to elegant ways to nudge, interrupt and dance with life such that small actions create massive impact. No need for martyrdom.
This program is not the same as one-on-one coaching.
It’s not better or worse, merely different. This program has a specific agenda, set of teachings, and a ride that has been designed to help you become the creator of your life. Much of the support and synergy you will experience will be through the other participants. One-on-one coaching often addresses more fundamental issues, in a much tighter container, where every conversation is an opportunity for miracles to occur.
This program is not about productivity.
Yes, as a former productivity geek and even having written my own task management software in the past I know a thing or two about productivity. And yes, I will be sharing some of the simplest gems of productivity wisdom especially in the Samurai Focus module. But I think about productivity as helping you go faster, and this program is instead about making making sure you are headed in the right direction. By the end of this program I’d rather have you moving really slowly and painfully in the direction of your dreams, than racing happily along towards mediocrity.

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