Seeing Fundamental OKness – 3PGC Podcast

Here’s an interview I did on the 3PGC Podcast with Rob Cook. My coaching and transformational background comes from many very different directions, but the Three Principles has been an exploration that continues to deepen even after six years. This short chat is a chat between insiders, so you won’t find in here a description of what the ‘Three Principles’ are, but you will get a sense of the simplicity and power of this work: (26min)

  • Wellbeing as a simple fact
  • What creates closeness in relational work (Relational Alchemy)
  • Catching myself intellectualizing the Principles
  • My stages of exploration: neat idea -> profound practice -> understanding -> nonconceptual
  • How the Three Principles is refreshingly undramatic
  • Everything is right now.